Living life WITH God

I have begun a new book called With by Skye Jethani and it is refreshing to my soul. I will have more to post along the way, but I wanted to note this deep challenge in my life.

I have lived my life in a couple of different ways:

I have lived life “for” God, where I wanted my life to “count.” That meant doing a lot of sacrificial things that went up the ranks created by my church culture. I am still called by God as a minister, but I have come to see that calling in a very different way in these last few years than when I began ministry.

I have also lived a life wanting things “under” God. If I do certain biblical things, God will automatically bless, I will be problem free (relatively speaking), and my family, my church, and my nation will be abundantly blessed.

The WITH God life is explained by Richard Foster in this way:

“Jesus’ resurrection was for those disciples (and is for us) the great eschatological fact of all time. His life, his zoë, is available to everyone. All who trust in him can experience his life in them; ​“Christ in you, the hope of glory”, as Paul puts it (Col 2:27). Likewise, all who trust in him are ​“in Christ” (2 Cor 1:21 and many others). Christ ​“in us” and us ​“in Christ” — a new order of life ​“from above” (Jn 3:3). Colossians 3:4 states it ever so succinctly, ​“Christ who is your life (zoë)” — that is the salvation that is in Jesus Christ.

This life, this zoë, is only for participants, not consumers nor observers. The consumer approach says that it is my life and I will utilize this ​“with-God life” to suit my needs and my purposes. But, frankly, this life doesn’t work that way. To enter this zoë—this eternal, uncreated life that originates in God alone — I must surrender my life. In entering the ​“with-God life” it is not my life any more; it is Christ’s life and I am privileged to be a participant in that life.”

Foster says so much more HERE.

God invites me to live WITH him. He is the Creator and he invites ME… and you… to participate with him in this life of creation care.

My heart wants the beauty of Christ bursting into my life and then flow through me to others. I don’t need to win any arguments. I want the beauty of Christ flowing. And overflowing.

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