The power of privilege is killing us

A series of blogs I wrote in the past couple of weeks focused on an article from Jonathan Haidt about social media and how it’s made our culture more stupid. In particular was a statistic on the extreme positions in our country being white and wealthy.

David French makes the same case:

The people disproportionately driving polarization in the United States are not oppressed minorities, but rather some of the most powerful, most privileged, wealthiest people who’ve ever lived. They enjoy more freedom and opportunity than virtually any prior generation of humans, all while living under the protective umbrella of the most powerful military in the history of the planet.

It’s simply an astonishing level of discontent in the midst of astonishing wealth and power.

Again… white people problems. And we are in serious trouble as a culture as a result.

More HERE.

But here is the HOPE:

To do the big thing—to heal our land—we have to do the small things.

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