Our life in God

I am trying to find a “groove” in a discipline of writing. This time it isn’t about blogging, but about actual writing. A book. One I’ve needed to write for quite some time and have just been too lazy and timid to organize.

It is still a big mess, but I am working on it.

The first part is what I should have been more brave to write about before (though I have blogged on it incessantly). I use it as a first part because it should have been a warning (“Living in Babylon”) and now it is just reality.

The second part will be on the Sermon on the Mount because it is singularly the touchpoint of my life since Dallas Willard’s book The Divine Conspiracy.

As I am working my way through the life of Daniel and his example (which is something we all need to pay attention to far more than our abuse of “end time” theology we think exists in the last half of the book of Daniel), I am simply struck by this thought and leave it here:

Our life in God has to be deeper than our life in the culture.

This is the ultimate failure of white evangelical Christianity and this is the lesson we need moving forward.

Photo Credit: Them Snapshots, Unsplash

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