I Thank God

I was at a conference this week and this song was used in one of our worship times. It deeply moved me. I am finding when I am coming across new music that moves me this deeply it is from Maverick City right now.

In that conference one of the plenary session speakers was Dr. Walter Kim. He is the current president of the National Association of Evangelicals. In an earlier session, he sat behind me and when the moderator told people to stand up and meet other folks, I turned around and shook his hand. He simply said, “Hi, I’m Walter.”

I had no idea he was a plenary speaker in the conference, the organization he led, or the church he pastored. It was a simple greeting and warm conversation.

His message in a later session was immensely powerful. It called to me in a deep way. Later, I went into a chapel for “soaking prayer.” It was an opportunity to sit in silence and allow the Spirit to speak. I was lost in two things: the song “I Thank God” that was sung earlier… and a phrase Dr. Kim used in his message: “We are in a generationally defining moment.”

As I left the soaking prayer, a prayer worker pointed to a bunch of post-it notes on the back wall. Their prayer team had been praying for weeks over each person coming to the conference. As team members prayed, they wrote down phrases and thoughts on post-it notes to bring encouragement. The prayer worker said, “Look those over and if one is a word from the Lord for you, please take it.”

I stood at that wall and just about broke down. I read the notes from the left side of the wall to the right and there were major sections that were like a timeline of my life. I knew I couldn’t take all of them. Then, my eyes fell on one and I took it.

My life is in a good place. I worship at a wonderful church. The Word is abundant in my life. There are no complaints.

And my soul is dying of thirst. I am in a rich place in my life and my soul is so thirsty all at the same time.

Dr. Kim preached from Isaiah 2, noting the immense chaos of Isaiah’s time. The need of the hour in Isaiah’s time was for a people who would get lost in the adoration of God once again.

That is the need of the hour in our time. Our compasses are broken. We’ve lost our GPS signals.

As the Body of Christ, we need the re-orientation of the presence of God and that happens when we choose to get lost. Really lost. And all we find in our soul is a deep desire to adore our Savior all over again.

It may not be the “crazy” worship in this video… but there is something that will cause you to get lost in adoration once again. For me, I needed that song and I loved this video.


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