Black History Month isn’t about white people… which is why we don’t like it

Let’s be clear: Black history is not about saving America or White people. Black history is about us. In a moment where we still live in what James Baldwin called in “The Fire Next Time” the “loveless world” — a moment still defined by banning Black books, exploiting Black creativity, stifling Black freedom, harming Black life — we need to remember who we are and why we tell Black stories.

More HERE.

Move away from “it’s all about ME” as a white person and try to learn something radically new:

We must remember: White people made Blackness a curse and a sin. We redefined Blackness as a world and a gift.

Black history is not simply asking, “How can I remember and learn about Black people?” It is all of us asking how we can love Black people by seeing them, hearing them and creating a world where Black people feel seen, inspired and protected.

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