The greatest discipleship lessons

I am coming up on 5000 posts on this blog.


Hundreds of thousands of words. Years of meandering and drifting and mourning and rejoicing and spilling out thoughts that are more “diary” than anything else. Yet, this all began with a name and a purpose. “Apprentice2Jesus” was my life being formed by Dallas Willard. It was out of a deep desire to keep learning about discipleship and spiritual formation.

As I approach 5000 (and this post is 4996), I am also reading through the great body of Jesus’s teaching in John 13-17. There is no better place to land at this time and reflect on the greatest lessons in discipleship.

I reflected yesterday on John 13 and the difficulty of serving those who just don’t love you. Quite frankly, the challenge is far deeper for me. It is to serve those I just don’t particularly love. Along comes Jesus doing the lowest job in the household… and doing it for the very man who will betray him. He is also serving those who are arguing about who will be greatest in the Kingdom. Hard lessons.

Today’s reading was John 14:1-14 and the next challenge: ASK.

A great lesson in discipleship is that when we pray, we come with an increasing attitude of desire to learn about the One to whom we pray. We don’t come with our list of wants. We come to know him. Then, we hear his invitation: “ASK.”

I am challenged here by the next word… anything.

I have learned to ASK. I hesitate at the word anything.

Will I ask wrong? Will I ask foolishly or selfishly? Do I deserve to ask “big”? What does “big” look like? And so on.

Years later, and hundreds of thousands of words spilled out, I am still challenged by these amazing verses. The walk of discipleship is to KNOW the One we follow and then walk in the way he gives us.

The way of basin and towel is key for me. It cuts into my ego.

The way of asking anything still challenges me. I truly want to see HIS Kingdom come and HIS will be done… and to do so I need to hear the invitation of ask anything.

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