We need to SEE in Advent

“Among the asses (stubborn I as they)
I see my Saviour where I looked for hay.” — C.S. Lewis

Andrew Lazo, in an Advent Devotional I am reading, gives insight into Lewis’s lines. For Lewis, an ass almost always describes someone or something present but missing the point. Lazo refers to Lewis’s book, The Last Battle, where the dwarfs enter the stable and are presented with a great feast because they are now in Aslan’s country, but they only see hay, filth, and darkness.

We come into the stable and see the manure, the animals, the small space, and miss seeing the Savior altogether. A second glance may reveal what we are missing.

Our lives are in too much of a rush. We live in a deep darkness and hardly notice because we are hurrying off to the next thing. Lewis reminds us that if we slow down and look we may actually catch a glimpse of light. The Light of the World.

He has broken the darkness and invited us to a great feast. May we be aware.

From sickly rescue donkey to star of the Nativity scene

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