Being anti-abortion is not the same as being pro-life

Some thoughts from a researcher over on Twitter. (I truly wish the guy had a blog so I didn’t have to read Twitter threads.)

We’ve reduced ourselves to being “pro-birth” but little else. Once people are born, we, as conservative culturalized white Christians, still want harsh treatment for who we deem to be “criminals.”

Violence is okay if you use it to overthrow your government…

Being “pro-life” hasn’t made us kinder in any way. It’s only that we are pro-birth and await with open arms to say, “Welcome to a violent world.”

To be clear: I am womb to tomb pro-life. It’s complicated… far more complicated than that simple statement. But, I don’t want anyone thinking I’m not against abortion in most cases (even though that particular segment wouldn’t think I was against abortion just because I’m against the death penalty as well). I’m just clarifying the record.

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