It’s me, O Lord, standing in the need of prayer

I need the Daily Office. I need the daily confession. I need the daily reminder of the creed. In this time, it is even more vital.

The Sermon on the Mountain is calling out to me again. I am writing with more purpose, deciding to write out my thoughts on the Sermon with as much fullness as possible. Honestly, I want a book length product. Not to publish. Just to know I can do it.

It’s slow work and I’m stuck on the Beatitudes. This is where I stand in need of prayer. Reading the Beatitudes, along with the last few episodes of the “Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” podcast, makes me angry all over again.

The white American conservative church is in failure. We don’t see it because our “numbers” look good (in the areas we choose to look). But… WOW… we’re in failure. We are missing the point of the Beatitudes. We are exalting mega-leaders still. We are ignoring the obvious signs around us of leadership failure.

I find myself “writing angry.” It is missing the point of the work I know I am to do with the Sermon!

So… it’s not my brother, it’s not my sister, but it’s ME, O Lord, standing in the need of prayer!

I am so deeply thankful for the daily confessions and creeds that keep me on my face.

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