More depth

It’s my age. It’s that place in life where I find myself. There are times when I reflect a bit deeper on the transitions of life. I ran across THIS ARTICLE a couple of years ago after hearing his talk online. I pulled it out again recently to reflect on what is needed in my life at this point.

1. Fewer things
My tendency is still want MORE STUFF. The last few years of transition have shown me to trim down on stuff and grow deeper in relationships.

2. Keep the eternal in sight
My life needs deeper reflection on the things of God. I am living in eternal life NOW. That has been my biggest lesson these past few years.

3. Deep friendships
I have not been one to desire a lot of friends. What I deeply love are the careful friendships cultivated over the years and new friendships I work on now because we are in a new geographic location. These are treasures.

In all of this, I need to acknowledge transitions and desire more depth in my life.

3 thoughts on “More depth

  1. I like to believe “with age comes wisdom”….. Or maybe I am finally learning from all of my less than desirable decisions. Either way!!

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