A treasured journey

I have come to Exodus 19 in my walk through the Pentateuch. Every step of the way in this journey has been a sacred walk. A holy walk. Every stop along the way is like I am coming to sacred ground. Exodus 19 is certainly one of those spots.

This sacred call is for the people of God. Peter will repeat this in 1 Peter. It is not for Israel alone. I am his. This is my journey. This is my call. Richard Foster would call this the “with God” life.

I have not arrived to this moment. I journey in this time and continue to unpack all I am in Christ. The journey for me is to simply keep walking. I do stumble badly. In the stumbling comes the rising back up and putting one foot in front of the other all over again. I keep learning who I am in Christ.

I keep becoming who I am in Christ.

All I have is who I am becoming in Christ. That is the extent of this journey. It is a pleasant place.

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