We will be held accountable for the abuse we have heaped on others inside the church

I am working my way through the Christianity Today podcast series: “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill.” As this podcast unpacks the undoing of Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll, we still see the same things playing out in real time… like we just can’t learn anything from examples that have gone before.

It’s starting to filter out about leadership abuse in Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis. This is a church that was just blocks from where I went to college.

And the dysfunction of a leadership structure in a diocese in my own denomination keeps showing how poorly they’ve handled reporting of sex abuse in congregations.

It is all sobering and heartbreaking. It does not have to be this way. Not in the Body of Christ. It is grievous and the American Church has to be called into accountability. I continue to grieve over where we are and our consistent stance of not repenting.

This is an issue in the body of Christ. It is community. It is not enough to say, “Well, that is over there… we don’t have those problems.” That is not the body. We are attached. We either work to heal the body… or we let the gangrene infect the rest of the body. We are in deep trouble and keep refusing to see it.

white and brown concrete building near green trees under blue sky during daytime
Photo Credit: Kristijan Arsov, Unsplash

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