Finding childLIKE faith and resisting childISH faith

I have worked my way through Mandy Smith’s excellent book, Unfettered, and come away with so much to process. This comes at the same time I finished a book by Bob Goff called Love Does, and I’m examining my heart and longing to cultivate more trust in God.

At the end of Smith’s book is the invitation to take up the yoke of Christ and throw off the yoke of the world. The yoke of the world is relentless. It’s the call to fix everything. NOW. It’s the fixation on controlling everything and every outcome. We too often bring that into our Christian life.

”We strive to keep doing Christian things in Western ways, kingdom things in empire ways.”

Jesus calls us to rest and trust. It doesn’t solve everything. We may not like HIS outcomes or his timing, but we find rest and trust. It is a call to release control. It is to surrender our own agendas, even if they ARE “right.”

To be child-LIKE is not being childish. It is to trust. This is the journey on which I find myself.

Photo by Elliott Engelmann on Unsplash

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