“Being saved” and “getting to heaven”

When we have typically thought of the gospel in western evangelicalism, it has been around the questions like, “How are my sins forgiven?” and “How do I get to heaven?”

N.T. Wright turns my thinking in a different direction:

The four gospels have very little to say about this topic. Almost nobody talks about “going to heaven.” When Jesus talks about the “kingdom of heaven,” he doesn’t mean a place called “heaven,” but the rule of “heaven,” that is, God’s reign, coming to birth ON EARTH. Almost nobody in the gospels warns about “going to hell.”

The Day The Revolution Began - By N T Wright (Hardcover) : Target

2 thoughts on ““Being saved” and “getting to heaven”

  1. Yes, this was a revolutionary shift in my thinking, although I came across it through Greg Boyd. Changes your thinking from a transaction to a ongoing goal.

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