The beauty of the Body of Christ

There is no doubt so many expressions of the American Church have caused a lot of pain and turmoil. Through the ages, the Body of Christ has struggled with the humanity of the institution called the Church.

While so many have chosen to leave “the Church” there are still so many others who are walking through these struggles and choosing to stay. These are not easy decisions either way.

K. S. Prior is now writing a column for Religion News Service and I’m thankful. She writes on her journey to stay in the Church… and she was raised Southern Baptist.

I understand many have been hurt or betrayed by the institutional church. And while my wounds are not as deep as those of so many, I now count myself among them. I don’t always know what to say to people in their pain. But one thing I do know to say is, “The bride of Christ needs you. Don’t abandon her to those who exploit and abuse her. Christ loves his bride too much for us to let her go.”

More HERE.

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Photo Credit: Skull Kat, Unsplash

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