Enabling lies and willful deception

David French begins one of his latest posts this way: I’m going to be honest. I can’t shake the sadness. I can’t shake the anger.

We probably all feel that way, and probably for different reasons.

From French:

“The problem is that all too many Christians are in the grips of two sets of lies. We’ll call them the enabling lies and the activating lies. And unless you deal with the enabling lies, the activating lies will constantly pollute the body politic and continue to spawn violent unrest.”

And this:

“What’s the difference between the two kinds of lies? The enabling lie is the lie that makes you fertile ground for the activating lie that actually motivates a person to charge a thin blue line at the Capitol or take a rifle to a pizza parlor.”

More HERE.

I am building a file of this day because I want to remember and I also want to be able to reference the details when more enabling lies churn out. I am weary of enabling people with silence.

Here are some things I’ve compiled:

The timeline of January 6.

The motivation of the Capitol riots.

And my favorite podcast, which has this episode of 2020 in review. NOTE: this was recorded before the Capitol riots.

There is certainly more, but why go further at this point? Readers have either ignored these references or agree with these references. There is no more persuasion for us in this moment. There is only recording. And I am recording this for history.

I have a sadness I cannot shake. I have an anger I cannot shake.

Capitol riot: Five startling images from the siege - BBC News

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