The year ahead

For the first time in years I stayed up to make sure 2020 was really leaving the building. It was a moral victory if nothing else.

The new year always marks a new year for me because it’s my birthday.

In the past year I have looked to reflect on life a bit more and in the coming year my goal is to keep on digging. David Brooks wrote a book a couple of years ago called The Second Mountain. It is a reflection on life and how to lean into what is significant, not just what is goal driven.

The past few months have had me reflecting a bit more deeply and I was given these two questions from my counselor:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Who are you becoming?

I am glad for the journey. I am thankful for these questions. They will keep me occupied as I look to do what is significant in life through the rest of this journey.

closed-up photo of white open book
Photo Credit: Anastasia Zhenina, Unsplash

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