We have to carry the glory and the suffering of Christ together

Mark 9:2-13 is the story of the Transfiguration. Here are some thoughts from a little bit of study and my own notes mixed in:

What the disciples see on the Mount of Transfiguration is the promise of glory in Jesus’ shimmering garments. What they need to hear when they come off the mountain and reenter the everyday realm is the requirement of suffering — the way of the cross and death. (NIV Application Commentary)

We don’t get JUST his glory. Thankfully, we don’t get JUST his suffering, either! However, we are reminded that as followers of Christ it is indeed both. There is the glory of Christ and that inspires. It lifts us up. It reminds us that Christ is triumphant even in a sin-sick world.

In the past few days I’ve had some amazing conversations revolving around the craziness of this world. One observation made in a conversation was just how crazy the world was and why is it so hard for people to be kind and work to understand each other? The answer here, which is uncomfortable for those who don’t understand the Kingdom of God (at times), is there is evil in this world. There IS such a thing called “sin.”

The temptation is to get “lost” in the glory of transfiguration. It’s Peter’s temptation. “Let’s build three tabernacles and stay here!”

We are tempted to “camp” in the glory of the moment. We try and find ways to bottle it so we don’t lose it.

The reality is that we have to get back down the mountain. We have to encounter the suffering. We have to encounter the heartache. The key is to carry the glory with us.

Photo by Liam Simpson on Unsplash

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