Challenging listening by amazing Christian leaders

When I say the word “justice” I found in the past that move evangelicals hearing it would by default put the word “social” in front of it. Justice does indeed have a social aspect.

Over the years I have had significant voices help shape my voices on tough subjects like capital punishment and racial justice, and also racial justice in the criminal justice system.

Here are two examples of incredible Christian leaders who have taken on criminal injustice and a bit of their stories as to how things changed for them.

Bryan Stevenson wrote Just Mercy which I read last year. It is a powerful read. He is based out of Montgomery, AL, so I’ve heard him a couple of times and also been so some memorials he helped establish in Montgomery. This interview is some of his story.

Sister Helen Prejean is one tough nun. She is the subject of the movie, Dead Man Walking, and also the author of the book by that title. This interview gets into her story and how she has been changed over time when it comes to finding Christ in the toughest of places: death row.

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