The practice of devoting yourself to prayer

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. (Col. 4:2)

There is a call the Lord keeps putting in front of me in regards to prayer. It is the great invitation to walk in prayer. Through the years I have had the Spirit bring many tools into my life to assist in this desire to walk in prayer. I don’t desire to have a “prayer time.” I have grown in a desire to walk in prayer.

In my journey along the Canterbury Trail, I have learned more about the discipline of prayer through the use of the Book of Common Prayer. This summer the Anglican Church in North America issued the 2019 revision for the ACNA. A great aid I have found in this resource is there are so many prayers offered. I can begin in prayer with any of the collects and find the Spirit then taking me into personal direction.

A tool I am beginning to grasp is a section called The Great Litany. I am a rookie so those who are in the Anglican Tradition are about to cringe at all the rookie things I am about to say. My apologies, friends!

Apparently, there are a few places to put the Great Litany in a Sunday liturgy or in morning or evening prayers. I have found this prayer rhythm is helpful when I wish to deepen my intercession and petition. As I pray through the Great Litany, I will find different places where I will pray the lines and then move into deeper intercession on particular needs.

For example, there is a section for general prayer for missions:

“To send forth laborers into your harvest; to prosper their work by your Holy Spirit; to make your saving health known unto all nations; and to hasten the coming of your kingdom, We beseech you to hear us, good Lord.

I will have times when I pray that prayer and then go into specific intercession for friends who are missionaries. If I have an email from them, I will pray through their email, or if I have information from a church email about a missionary, I will pray those needs.

The Great Litany offers a tremendous guide to move through prayer and keep walking in prayer. I am thankful for this journey of prayer. I struggle a lot more with it than I like to admit. I hear the great invitation of the Spirit to walk in prayer, and I wonder how long before I sense this true walk? But, the Lord is in the struggle. He is in the journey. He is in our walk.

Devote yourself to prayer.

The Book of Common Prayer and my main Bible

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