His words are still life

My love affair with the written word of God has been lifelong. Over the years I have grown in my love and understanding. The written word has led me to the Living Word (Christ), but that written word is still precious to me.

When I was in high school I had a pastor who loved Bible quiz and started a Bible quiz team in our church. I fell in love with the Scriptures then. I would memorize long passages and then began to search for ways to learn more.

Over the years this hunger hasn’t subsided. I keep the journey going and find ways to keep it fresh. I find there are times I dive deep into a particular book. There are times when the daily office readings sustain me and keep me looking at the whole picture of the story of God.

His words are sweeter to me today than ever before. His words are still LIFE to me. This is the paradox of walking in the WORD all these years: I understand more… and less. I hold those tensions close to me and embrace them. But because the written word has led me to the LIVING Word, I do not fear.

Oh, how I love your law!
    I meditate on it all day long. (Ps. 119:97)

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