Thoughts from “Living in Babylon”

I’ve been able to grab a little extra time so I have returned to typing up my notes for a book I’m trying to hash out. I don’t know when I put some of these notes in (as far as a timeline) but a few thoughts that came together at some point in the past and I am haunted by them now:

“As it turns out, we were supposed to live differently all along. We were supposed to live in the prophetic center so we could call out the wrongs and injustices all around us.

      We couldn’t handle a pluralistic world, when that was what we had everywhere else in the world. We couldn’t handle a Muslim congressman or a lesbian mayor. We couldn’t handle immigrants who had darker skin.

      We couldn’t handle peace. We were always at war… and we praised our warriors. We kept on creating enemies and kept on perpetuating war. “

Just a little flavor of what I’m working on currently.

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