The end of the matter

Off and on for the past several years I have “picked at” the idea I have called “Living in Babylon.” It has been a deep stirring in my heart to say something or write something about this shift we are experiencing in American Christianity. For the past several months I’ve tried to consolidate my thoughts and begin to write something more concrete.

There is much more to write and do and teach and blog about and maybe put together some podcasts, but today was a good stopping point for much of what I had been researching and studying about and praying over.

Let’s just give away the ending. As I was wrapping up some thoughts on Daniel 7, I jotted these thoughts down:

“The bigger thing we need is perspective. We need: daily worship, corporate worship, and a steady walk with God. (Huge revelation, right?) THESE will lead us ‘home.’ Surrender the futility of a ‘Christian nation.’ Surrender the human need to WIN while crushing all enemies. Surrender political ideologies.

“Fall on the grace and mercy of Christ. Day by day, allow the Spirit to guide. Walk with him. Learn from him.

“Bless this world. GROW in this world. BLOOM where you are planted. The kingdoms of this world will fail. Every last one of them. HIS Kingdom alone will stand.”

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