The way home

I am working my way through Daniel 6 as I continue to expand on “Living in Babylon.” (I think it may be a book one day if I can simply overcome one thing: outright fear and terror.)

In contemplating Daniel 6 and what will be critical to a “Daniel generation” in the next several years, there are a couple of quick thoughts I want to jot down.

First, Daniel didn’t abandon his faith. He went deeper in his faith. What seems to be extremely popular right now (or at least well marketed) is people abandoning their faith. (Side note: in many cases I don’t think it’s truly abandoning faith. I think wherever they were attending didn’t show them the way to faith properly.)

What is needed in a Daniel generation is not a group that “abandons” the faith but finds Christ, finds his body, and goes deeper into faith.

Second, there are two things that will become vitally important for the Daniel generation: liturgy and the model of the black church in America.

The “hot” thing to predict is what is “next” is worship. All we have received from those predictions is more “show.” We’ve received better productions. We have less worship.

The way home in the Daniel generation will be people who find the heart of liturgy once again. The remnant church will be steeped in worship centered on the Table of the Lord. The ancient path always works best.

The black church will lead the way because they’ve always known faith under pressure. They’ve alway relied on the Word of God and prayer and community. The circumstances didn’t matter. They have each other. They have church.

Quick hits. Further notes for me so I know where to go when I lose my way in writing this book. More notes for the void.

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