What was missing on Sunday?

Since I’ve moved to the Anglican tradition I’m learning far more about the seasons of the Church year. The past Sundays of Lent I definitely felt something was “missing”.

I picked up on it this past Sunday. It was the music. We sing far less in Lent than in other seasons.

On Ash Wednesday the kids were led in an exercise of burying a banner they had made. The banner read: “Alleluia!” They buried it and then on Sundays our songs have been fewer. Our last words in worship are normally: “Thanks be to God! Alleluia! Alleluia!” During Lent we have dropped the “Alleluia.” It is figuratively buried.

The mood has created longing in me. I want to sing more. We have been moved into a season of longing by design. Something is missing! I find myself wanting Easter just so I can sing more and shout “Alleluia!”

The liturgy builds in exercises we would normally ignore. Fasting. Lamenting. Taking away things so we long for them again. All of it is designed to create a stirring. We need a holy agitation. We don’t need “rah rah” songs every week! We need to know what it is to miss something in our lives.

I long for Easter. I long for resurrection. I want the “Alleluia” to ring out again in our lives!

Lord, we have filled our lives with noise. We have structured lives that have no lack and as a result we end up with spiritual lack. Forgive us, O Lord. Bring us to a holy longing once again. Let us long for the vibrant ALLELUIA of Easter! In this season of longing, let us anticipate your powerful resurrection once again. Amen.

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