We want the JOY of deliverance, but not the PRICE

I am working my way through Exodus currently and in Chapter 5 there is this thought that comes to me: We hear a word of “DELIVERANCE” or “FREEDOM” and think, “It must be NOW!”

When Moses returns to the Hebrews in Egypt and promises God will deliver them, the thought could have occurred to them it would somehow work out a bit easier. It didn’t. Pharaoh got angry and demanded more labor with fewer resources.

The Hebrew people complained to Moses. Moses complained to God.

We want the JOY of deliverance, but we don’t often know that deliverance takes time and has a high cost.

The word God speaks to us that sounds “joyous” or “victorious” doesn’t mean we only take in that “word” and not understand the cost it will take to deliver that word. The word of victory may come at time a bit further into the future, for instance.

I am reminded that when I hear a “word” from the Lord (and I can indeed hear a word from the Lord), I need to be ready to hear all that God has to say in that “word.”

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