The plantation visit

Traveling with visiting family the past few days we had an opportunity to learn a lot of history in and around New Orleans. Our last stop was a former sugar plantation called “Laura Plantation.”

When we were waiting for the tour to start, I was walking near the little museum and heaviness came over me. Then these words: “You are on sacred ground.”

The lives of hundreds of slaves, the weight of that evil, pressed down on me.

Then I saw a framed map that broke me.

It represented all the sugar plantations that populated the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. It seems every linear foot of Mississippi shoreline was taken up by the sugar trade. Visualizing the slave trade in this way pressed on my heart in an indescribable way. The plantation tour didn’t shrink back from the stark realities of the slave trade and plantation life, either.

Living in the South and learning more is impacting me in deeper ways. They are ways I had hoped for in this move, quite honestly. This is a work in my spirit I felt the Lord wanted to do as part of this move.

That work of the Spirit deepened in me over that tour of the plantation. It was pictured all too well in that map.

I walked on sacred ground. It was ground where slaves had walked and labored and lived and died. Ground that soaked in the injustice of slavery and cried out for freedom. Ground that asked me to remember the horror of the not so distant past. Ground that called me to look forward to justice.

I had come to sacred ground.

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