What angers Jesus?

Glittering Vices by Rebecca DeYoung is worth your time. I am working my way through this book with the Renovare Book Club. DeYoung has us wrestle with the issues of life that can truly trip us up. One of the vices is anger. How do we deal with anger in our lives?

Referencing Mark 3:1-6, she says this about Jesus and anger:

Mark’s Gospel is notoriously terse, but he spends a whole verse describing Jesus’s feelings in this passage. WHAT ANGERS JESUS? He is grieved at the Pharisees’ lack of love for another human being, at the hardness of their hearts toward a man in need. He is angry that they care more about being justified by their own rule-keeping than about the restoration that God’s kingdom justice brings, and that they value the maintenance of their own reputation and status more than healing and compassion. Their sense of “due” has everything to do with self-interest and precious little to do with justice toward God or neighbor, despite their ostensible piety. They are cold keepers of the letter of the law, ignoring the justice and love that inspired its commands.

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