Restore to me the sense of wonder

This week we’ve received the news of the transition of Eugene Peterson. I have been deeply impacted by his life and work and continue to feel his impact that will last long past his time on this earth.

I’m also working my way through a biography of Dallas Willard, another spiritual giant in my life who continues his walk with Christ in the very presence of the Savior as well.

Both of these giants had a sense of wonder. Imagination. This has struck me reflecting on Eugene Peterson this week and reading about the life of Dallas Willard.

When Dallas was promoted to full professor in philosophy at USC, he began his portfolio with a story from his childhood. He didn’t start with his accomplishments. He started with where his pursuit of philosophy began. He was fascinated from some reading he crossed in the fifth grade. He said this was where he got a sense of “wonder” and that would give birth to philosophy.

On the spiritual formation side of things, Dallas carried that sense of wonder as well. He truly lived a holistic life. His academic career wasn’t partitioned from his teaching ministry.

The sense of wonder for Dallas I have found is best described in how he approached prayer.

“He really did believe that when a Christian prayed, Jesus would walk right up and engage them in conversation.” (Gary Moon, Becoming Dallas Willard)

This is the life I truly long for as I move through this season of life. This is the deep calling to deep in my own heart.

“Lord, restore to me a sense of wonder.”

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