The profound joy of being IN the Word

I have mentioned the project I am on currently. The Lord has me working my way through Acts again, jotting notes on what I have learned in life and ministry and study over 30 years of this wonderful journey through the Bible.

Acts has had such significance in my life in leading me in ministry and life decisions. What I didn’t realize was that the Lord was leading me into this project to speak to me about Acts and my life yet again. 

Ironically, it came in Acts 20, which is significant in my calling about 25-26 years ago. As I was reflecting on that incident when I was pastoring in Kansas, the Spirit then gently dug deep into my spirit and it was a painful, yet glorious, “Oh… my” moment. It was the Spirit breathing into me the reason I was being led back to this book. It was to get to that passage. It was to talk to me about the current changes I am experiencing in life and ministry.

It wasn’t “nice.” Yet, I rejoiced. I rejoiced because I was hearing God again. He knew how I would listen and he took me down that path to open up this current painful lesson I so desperately needed. So, while I have a work of deep repentance going in my life, I rejoice.

This is the power I find in staying in the Word. It is times like this where the Living Word speaks. Even in the painful lessons, I am joyous. He is speaking. I am hearing. 

My heart is glad.


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