The enemy shows up when things are GOOD

As I keep moving prayerfully through Acts 5, I am struck by how I like to emphasize things in my preaching and teaching.

I love Acts 5:12-16. Peter’s shadow falling on people heals them and delivers them from demons! Who wouldn’t like that? Who couldn’t preach on that?

But then comes the hard part. The high priest has the apostles arrested. Things are happening and then the apostles are tossed in jail.

Quick things to remember:

  1. The enemy will show up when things are good. We can be most vulnerable at that point.
  2. False power, especially false religious power, hates losing “market share.” They have no real authority, so when real authority shows up, they get angry and retaliate.
  3. The Kingdom of God is about wholeness. Healing is about wholeness, not just about physical maladies going away. Walk in Kingdom wholeness.



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