The beauty I find in liturgy

We have settled into an Anglican Church in our move south. There are several reasons for this change. It isn’t sudden for me. It’s been several years in the making.

A key understanding of how I want worship formed in me can be explained in this quote from Richard Foster:

“THE WORSHIP EXPERIENCE of festivals emphasized memory, in this case memory of the exodus experience. That experience was one of deliverance and guidance. The purpose of worship is to remember that experience, to live it, to rehearse and reenact it, and so to bring it into the present. The people then can see that God is still the one who delivers and guides and can remember to structure their lives on that basis and move into the future with hope. This kind of memory is extremely important to our spiritual life. As we might expect, the spiritual journey includes high points and low points—it does not move at a steady rate of growth. Remembering God’s work in the past has a sustaining and renewing effect during times of spiritual drought. Memory and worship are thus keys to a long life of spiritual formation.”

Excerpt From

Year with God

Richard J. Foster

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