Why we carefully study the Word in the power of the Spirit

“If we want to receive from the Bible the life ‘with God’ that is portrayed in the Bible, we must be prepared to have our dearest and most fundamental assumptions about ourselves and our associations called into question. We must read humbly and in a constant attitude of repentance. Only in this way can we gain a thorough and practical grasp of the spiritual riches God has made available to all humanity.” — Richard Foster

Too often I have found American Christianity isn’t about reading the Bible humbly. It is about justifying our positions. We don’t read with much repentance in mind. If we have repentance in mind, it’s about how someone else needs to repent.

The longer I walk with the Lord, the more repentant I am as I study the Word. I love having things all “figured out” and the longer I walk with him, the fewer things I have “figured out.” That said, what I do believe… I believer deeply.

Open Bible on Desk

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