We should move from celebrating days to observing seasons

The other day I read a quick thought on missing opportunities of seasons in our lives as Western Christians because we celebrate days instead of walking through seasons.

We get so worked up to prepare a church for Easter weekend services, most bigger church staffs on more than figuratively dead on Monday and in need of some true resurrection themselves.

Pentecostals churches will gear up for the next “big day”, which could be Pentecost Sunday. We may even pray for a new power of the Spirit to fall.

But we miss seasons. The reason the Spirit fell on the day of Pentecost on Acts 2 was not that God looked at the calendar and said, “Well, today seems to be a good day…”

The Holy Spirit engulfed that group because they prepared. They had a season of waiting. Then, when the “day” came, they didn’t drop exhausted the next day. They were empowered to live in the significance of that event.

We need to dwell in seasons as followers of Christ. We need to put ourselves on the compass instead of the clock. When we’re on the clock, we give God a deadline. When we’re on the compass, we will do what we need to find true north again.

Don’t just look to a “big day.” Walk in a season.

flame of fire
Photo by Paul Bulai on Unsplash

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