Defeating Egypt in Us

Reading for today:

Ps. 119:145-176; 128-130
Ex. 7:8-24
2 Cor. 2:14-3:6
Mark 10:1-16

The test of the plagues in Egypt wasn’t about taking on the gods of Egypt JUST for the sake of the Egyptians. 

Each plague Moses used that kept hardening Pharaoh’s heart was a take-down on a god of Egypt. The demonstration was to show the Egyptians the power of Israel’s God, to be sure. But it was also to show Israel the power of Israel’s God. Over 400 years in Egypt, they needed to learn all over again WHO had called them.

We forget WHO calls us sometimes. In a land of luxury and freedom, we tend to forget the true power of God and his call of allegiance and worship. Other gods call out to us. Other gods have our allegiance.

We sing their worship songs. We perform their liturgies. And we cloak our self-righteousness with a “God bless you” from time to time just to make sure people know “we serve God.”

God will not tolerate other gods in our lives. He will take them down one by one. The screaming we may hear as another god goes down may not be the screams of our culture, as we would suppose. It may be our own flesh as yet another god is stripped away.

It’s one thing to be taken out of Egypt. It’s another thing to have Egypt taken out of us.

Lord, I have my little gods that I have tolerated over the years. You have not tolerated them. You have called for my allegiance. In this season of Lent, you call me to examine my life and that includes my allegiances. You alone are God. You alone are the One I am called to follow. All other gods have to be left behind. In this season, may the work of the Cross have its FULL work destroying those little gods in my life. Amen. 



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