Praying for these significant moments

Reading for today:

Psalm 93, 96, 34
Gen. 44:1-17
Rom. 8:1-10
John 5:25-29

We find ourselves in a significant period of time. Do we truly recognize this season?

A stirring that has been building in me over the past few weeks is the significance of the season. The Lord is unfolding a deep warning/word in me about this season: 2017-2019. It is a time to be aware. It is a time for prayer. It is a time to lean in to hear the voice of the Spirit.

If the American church will pay attention, it will be the breakthrough needed to finally be the prophetic church rather than the pathetic church. It is a time to rise up and truly understand the times and have the roots of culturalized Christianity finally extracted from our lives. We can recognize this deep work and allow the Spirit to have his way… or we will ignore this time and walk on in spiritual blindness.

It’s a stirring so deep right now that the Spirit has me up in the middle of the night praying for a new stirring in the American church. It is time to rise up, shake off the cultural ties that have kept us shackled, and BE the glorious Church.

Let us be aware of the season. We are in a significant moment. Lord! Help us listen!

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