Walking in the flow of the Kingdom of God

Reading for Today:

Psalm 69, 73
Gen. 43:1-15
1 Cor. 7:1-9
Mark 4:35-41

There is a goal in the spiritual walk, and it is not to “simply make it.” That is not Jesus’ goal for our lives. 

It is the walk of maturity. When we have a “long obedience in the same direction” it is not to barely get us dragging into heaven. The walk we can have with Christ is a walk of maturity.

Mark 4:35-41 demonstrates the mature walk of spiritual formation. The storm comes and Jesus is asleep. He knows who holds him and his future. The storm is nothing. In fact, the storm is “so nothing”… he gets up when the disciples are panicked and tells the storm to knock it off. 

And the storm obeys.

I wrote this note in my digital Bible awhile back and it is my prayer today as I read this passage again:

When I am REALLY following Christ, there is a peace in the middle of the storm. The waves raging around me get me too nervous. What I long for is to have the calm in the storm. The assurance. Then… the authority. The authority to speak to the storm. My life is lived in chaos. My life is lived with short bursts of faith. When spiritual formation is at work, there is a steady walk that can find rest even in the storm.

I don’t want to be “just making it.” That is not Christ’s goal for me. Christ’s goal is a walk of maturity that won’t be bothered by mere storms.

Hear my prayer, O Lord.

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