The journey thus far

We are into our second month of transition and I’m looking at what is happening, evaluating, and thanking God for a lot of things.

We have crossed some big steps this weekend. We have scheduled movers and set things up with our realtor to put our house on the market. Our house goes on the market in a few weeks and the movers come take away our stuff (tentatively) in May.

This “season of Troas” is taking us to Alabama. We will be able to be near Terri’s dad and our oldest son and his family. It will also be the opportunity to explore more concerning what is next in ministry for me.

As I reflect today heading into Lent, I think of a few things to share:

  1. God is merciful. I am blown away by his mercies daily in my life.
  2. His presence is sweet. I am enjoying some extended times of study, prayer, listening…
  3. I am still too scatterbrained and scrambled in my thinking. I have to keep working on slowing down my thought processes.
  4. My focus to the future seems to be directed toward two areas: the margins of our culture and working on racism.
  5. I am loving my time with Terri. We are walking through a major change and enjoying the journey
  6. I am blown away by God’s constant provision.
  7. I am enjoying the different expressions of the Body of Christ I get to see every week as we visit different churches.

There are certainly more that are deeper thoughts and more personal… but this is where my journey is to this point.


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