What does it mean to dwell in Christ? What does it mean to have faith added into your life? How does one increase virtue

I am moving through familiar passages for meditation and prayer right now (what I call “Ancient Wells”) and when I come to 2 Peter 1:2-10, I am always struck by the thought of being partakers in the divine nature. Then, I am struck by how that is to happen. And that is what I am left with most of the time… how?

This is where I think often of the monastics and the early church fathers. The simplified answer as to how some seem to dwell in this state of spiritual well being and the rest of us flounder is this: they chose.

When I read early church fathers and mothers I am blown away by how they can dwell on a word or phrase for paragraphs. The acquired ADHD side of me screams, “Hurry it along already!”

But they wouldn’t allow the busyness of life distract them from dwelling on the Holy.

They chose to dwell. I choose to be distracted. 

That is the twitter version of the major differences between those spiritual giants and me.


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