I was sitting at the table with my mom and dad when the phone rang. A family member was on the line and they were asking mom how to make buttermilk pancakes from scratch.

It was then I realized the tragedy of our time: Google has replaced mom and dad. It replaced Grandpa and Grandma.

I can remember trying to fix things at my house and I would call my dad. One night I was trying to run electrical in a basement we were finishing out and I had my dad on the phone long distance for probably 2 hours as he walked me through how to wire a light and then how to wire a light switch.

My oldest son would call my dad when he needed to know how to repair a washing machine. Dad had spent his life fixing TVs and appliances. He was a walking encyclopedia when it came to TVs and appliances. He was a walking encyclopedia when it came to plumbing, electrical, car repair, etc.

If I had an issue, I would get Dad on the phone.

Then came Google. And YouTube. I hear my kids and their generation talk about learning to do things and if they hit a snag they would “YouTube it.” Meaning, they went to Google and looked up a YouTube video to walk them through an issue.

We probably quit calling as much about that time. Instead of calling and telling our parents what their grandkids had just done, we just send pictures and video through social media.

There is nothing wrong with that. My mom LOVES seeing pictures of great grandkids on Facebook. She is always bugging family to post more!

But what is missing is the phone call. What gets missed is the call for help, which is a good excuse to just check in and say, “Hi.”

So, tonight when a family member called and asked about something they could have easily Googled, it was a special thought.

Call your mom.

Call your dad.

Ask them how things are going. Let them hear your voice. Tell them about your day. Tell them about their grandkids. Tell the story of the ball game or the music concert.

Don’t settle for YouTube videos. Post pictures and videos, but call to tell them about it. Ask them how to do something, even if you already know how to do it. Let conversation flow again.

Don’t let Google replace the phone call to mom and dad forever.

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One thought on “Google Replaced Mom and Dad

  1. What a beautiful post, Dan! It’s a sad shame that the generation of your kids and mine are likely the last to know the world as you described! They are the last generation to grow up without electronics! Kids today do not know what it’s like to make a phone call…just to talk; to hear the voice of a loved one! To be honest, it’s up to parents like us to keep it alive. We must share with our kids/grandkids so they know!! Thanks for posting!

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