This is going to be a call that sounds strange. I graduated Leavenworth (KS) High School in 1984. One of the great benefits of Facebook (one of the FEW, maybe) has been reconnecting with some friends from that time in my life. There have been some interesting reconnections in this process.

Straight up confession: I was a total nerd before being a total nerd was cool. (I prefer to think back on that time as “cutting edge” time for me.) 

I didn’t “party.” I dressed up on test days (neck-tie, the whole deal). I was hooked on church and in a “fundamentalist” kind of way. So… I didn’t know too many people.

But as I’ve reconnected with people, I’ve discovered some things. First, I remember a few more people than I thought I knew from that time in my life. Second, I reconnected with a few I swear I CANNOT remember but today we converse almost weekly (or more) on Facebook. THAT has been fun.

And third… I realized many of you are reading my blog. (Not many as in world-setting records for “views”, but more than I realized.) You don’t comment generally. But over time I’ve learned you are reading my stuff.

So, chances are you’re reading it now. And in the past you haven’t “liked” a post or commented on a post… but today I’m asking for a different response.

A few months ago a long-time friend contacted me out of the blue. We literally had not spoken to each other since graduation from high school. We went to school together all our lives. I deeply admire his family. They are truly a great family and I am privileged to have gone to school with several of them. Okay… I will admit as a “nerd” this guy was a real stud in my eyes. Star athlete. Great family. Highly admired. I was lucky to breathe the same air he was taking in!

He reached out to me and I thought, “Wow. I’m finally getting 8th grade down.” 🙂

Over the years he has been highly successful, but he admitted a spiritual void. In the last few years he has come to a newfound faith and it has given him a passion for those like him from high school. On the outside we all may have “looked good” but on the inside we may have been dying in some way.

We’ve determined to find a way to reach out to people from our time in high school and just BE THERE for each other. Sometimes we need a place where we can interact without judgment and admit we need prayer. We also want to encourage each other. This is a call to action in a spiritual way. If that’s not for you, no big deal. But if there is a need, we’ve decided we want to be there in some way to help along the way.

Don’t suffer in silence. Things can look good outwardly and inside we’re dying. I didn’t know to reach out to this friend when I was in high school. I was deceived into thinking, “What could be WRONG in this guy’s life?”

So, if you have a need to “stop by” from time to time to read some encouraging words, some uplifting thoughts or Scripture… ask for prayer… or leave words of encouragement… WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU.

We started a Facebook Group HERE. Please join if you would like. Invite others from that time period if you want to as well.

Again, this is meant to encourage and lift up. If we can be there for each other, it would be a great thing to do!

So, for those who read this and never comment, I’m asking you to respond differently this time.

You are loved. You are “seen” in some way. And we would love to be there FOR you.




6 thoughts on “To Leavenworth (KS) High School 1982-1985

  1. Dan, I like this. Our class, from long ago and there aren’t very many of us left now, probably fewer than a hundred, get e-mails when someone has a need. Whatever the need is, and it isn’t always physical, it is put out by e-mail and sent to everyone. It works well. It is hard to imagine that an “old” class like mine does this before the younger generation. Hope it works for you. Love you Mom

  2. Dan
    Thank you for starting this …. I am so blessed to call you a friend and brother … my prayer is that we can be there for each other …. there is so much power in prayer … and if you need prayer …. please reach out to old friends … God bless you all ..

  3. Dan-this is very special. Life goes so quickly-but looking back-many of the relationships I had in high school impacted me in wonderful ways. And, by the way-I never thought you were a nerd at all-I often envied your certainty and confidence about what matters in life. Your faith impacted me at LHS-even if you didn’t realize it.
    Thank you for all you do to encourage so many with your blog. These are hard times-and we can never have too many reminders that there is Hope for our future.

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