The fireworks of salvation

“When we hear the word miracle, we must not imagine fireworks and drum rolls and trumpet blasts and then, presto, a piece of heavenly magic that sends us reeling. That is fun but it is not gospel.” — Eugene Peterson, When Kingfishers Catch Fire 

All too often we’ve made “church” an “event.” It’s a fireworks show. There is no denying it is powerful to see people come to faith. Yet, if we create a show for it, what happens when the “show” is over?

We need to understand that Christian faith shouldn’t have time for sentiments or sideshows that aren’t lived out.

Miracles aren’t about fireworks. They are often in ordinary time. Salvation is in ordinary time. We need to lead people in what can be lived out, not just looks like a fireworks show all the time.

God dwells in the daily miracles of our ordinary lives. It’s not staged. It’s not a show. It won’t “go viral” on social media. Day after day, the life you live in faith has the possibility of the miraculous. Just quit looking for the fireworks.

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