Why do we have to keep asking for miracles?

Reading and praying through the Gospel of Mark, I am interested in 2 stories: the feeding of the 5,000 then the feeding of the 4,000. Two miracles where each time the disciples are baffled as to what to do. Why can’t they remember what Jesus did the last time?

Of course, that leaves me speechless because it’s about that time the Spirit reminds me of my short memory. If I say anything at that point, it’s usually some theologically profound word like… DUH.

First, we are people. We’re never going to get away from the need for a miracle. We can be incredibly self-sufficient and powerfully effective, but there will be key moments where we’re at the end of ourselves… again… and find that we do indeed need God… again.

Second, God is generous. Jesus sees two crowds and doesn’t get frustrated and say, “When will you all learn to pack a lunch?” He is patient with us… and just simply supplies.

Lord, my faith needs these constant reminders. I want to keep moving forward in spiritual maturity, but I also know my memory doesn’t serve me well. There are the times I am in need of a miracle and I beat myself up with thoughts like, “Why can’t you learn?” Yet, there you are. You invite me to ask… again. And you provide generously… again.

I stand in that need… again… today. Lord, come.


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