The constant battle of faith

I have returned to a devotional book reflecting on the writings of early church fathers and monks. Spiritual giants. It is a slow walk because every paragraph, at times, causes me to stop and catch my spiritual breath. 

This particular reading called out the need for deep faith once again. A faith that reaches down deep and cries out, “Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief!”

There is a walk of faith so confident in the Lord there seems to be a freeing of care. It’s not carelessness. It’s trust. There is a faith that is totally absorbed in the will of the Father.

Reading this portion this morning drew out a call to remember. Remember 5 years ago. Now… see the battle now. The enemy is the one distracting. God hasn’t retracted the vision.

The Spirit spoke strongly to me as I read this devotion this morning and reminded me of the vision given 5 years ago.

“The enemy is shaking you up, but God is calling you up!”

It is time to rise up again.



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