Deliver us from anxiety

Painful words from Paul that challenge me:

Do not be anxious about anything (Phil. 4:6)

That crushes me because there are times when I feel like I’m anxious about everything. I wake up with laundry lists of anxiety.

Philippians 4 can get to be more cliche than reality for us as believers. Yet, if we work through the familiar words and let them sink into our hearts, there is a way to roll away anxiety and find peace. PEACE is what gets us through the anxious times. We WILL have anxious times. It’s what we do with them that counts.

We have to give our needs to the Lord with thanksgiving. And why not? HE gets to bear that burden, not me! Too often, I feel like I’m the one needing to bear that burden.

I am not God. And he reminds me daily.

There are times when I hesitate to roll my anxieties onto him and he lets me know what it feels like if I really carried those burdens. Then… I roll those anxieties onto him and give thanks!

I give thanks and then meditate on three simple words, emphasizing each word as I repeat it three times:

HE is able.
He IS able.
He is ABLE.

What JOY.

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:7)

I can never figure it out. When I have huge requests and get weighed down, he gifts me with his presence. The needs are still huge. Yet, his presence carries me and I just don’t know HOW I feel that peace… but I do. And I am grateful.

He. Is. Able.

In my anxiety, he calls me to REJOICE.

In all things, I am called to walk with JOY. I am called to carry my anxieties to him. I am called to dwell what is GOOD (Phil. 4:8-9)

Because HE is able. I am not.


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