We have started a summer series at our church called “Tune My Heart.” We are looking at the Psalms and aspects of worship. This past week we had a guest, Todd Marshall, come and teach on “Worship is LIFE.” It was an incredible kickoff to our series.

I am preparing Psalm 8 this week. The focus will be the “MAJESTY” of God.

Thinking out of the paradigm Todd gave us, we are working toward the understanding that worship isn’t songs. It’s the LIFE to which we are called. Psalm 8 draws out our high calling. I’ll work to unpack that more in the Sunday teaching, but this concept of what God thinks about us is blowing my mind.

We are called to Kingdom power. We are called to live out the power of the Kingdom of God on a daily basis.

This needs to take us away from our current hunger for political power. This needs to drive us away from our current lostness as cultural Christians. This necessitates our need to learn what Kingdom power is all about and run as far away as we can from our identity as cultural Christians.

The King we serve calls us to “heal and liberate” and all we’re consumed with in our cultural Christianity is our own comfort. We’re scared if someone doesn’t wish us a “Merry Christmas.” We have rallies to spin up unnecessary fear.

We need a renewal of vision. A vision of how GOD thinks of us… and it is magnificent!

Let’s keep learning. Let’s talk about it more this Sunday!


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