What a COMMUNITY can do

This weekend has demonstrated the beauty of pastoring in my community for 19 years. This place, Columbia Heights, MN, has been one of the best places to watch people come together over the years. 

Occasionally we will see a hashtag on Twitter that says “Heights Pride,” but it IS something we live with in the city.  It is our way of life as a community. So, when the opportunity to come together to pack food with Feed My Starving Children came along, our city jumped to help. It was a matter of saying, “This is what we do. It’s who we are.”

A leader in our church, Nick, got ahead of the curve and signed up a packing time for our city with a goal of getting 100 volunteers and raising $10,000. We took over 100 volunteers for our time slot on Saturday morning of the weekend and raised nearly $7000 we can account for. “This is what we do.”

By the way, you can still help! Go HERE to donate!

Churches came. Teachers came. Muslims came. City leaders came. Our state representative came! All pitching in to help our neighbors.

I love my city. I love my church.

It was overwhelming to be in that packing area this morning and knowing over 100 people from Columbia Heights showed up to bless Somalia because “this is what we do.”

THIS is who we are.

Heights Pride.


Food Packing Floor


State Rep and Dan


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