The shallow soil of the American church

I am preparing for Sunday where we will focus on the parables. While I will focus more closely on another pair of parables out of Matthew 13, I was reading through the whole chapter and came to these words from Stanley Hauerwas on the Parable of the Sower. 

The church in America simply is not a soil capable of growing deep roots. It may seem odd that wealth makes it impossible to grow the word. Wealth, we assume, should create the power necessary to do much good. But wealth stills the imagination because we are not forced, as the disciples of Jesus were forced, to be an alternative to the world that only necessity can create. Possessed by possessions, we desire to act in the world, often on behalf of the poor, without having to lose our possessions.

Hauerwas, S. (2006). Matthew (p. 130). Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos Press.

I can always count on Hauerwas for a swift kick to the backside.


One thought on “The shallow soil of the American church

  1. That is why I cringe whenever I hear the prosperity preachers. Wealth is more often a hindrance than a help when it comes to spiritual growth.

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