What happened when I went to the mosque

I wish I knew how to format this across all the social media formats so it would like those crazy “click bait” stories that say something like… “What he saw when he opened the door shocked him…” Something like that.

I say that because I want like crazy for as many people to be drawn in and then find out something about what really happened when I went to the mosque.

First of all, if you haven’t followed my blog, or paid attention to the name at all, I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I am also a pastor. This is not an attempt to convert anyone to Islam. This is not any attempt to be “showy” or lead people to think I’m becoming apostate in the faith.

Second, when I went to the mosque the other day, it wasn’t my first time. One of the greatest men I admire and call my friend is a leader (an imam) in a mosque and I’ve visited him many times over the years. As a matter of fact, we became friends two days after 9/11. On purpose.

This should be far down enough for the big reveal about what happened when I went to the mosque.

Here is the answer:

None. Of. Your. Business.

And here is why I say that: I want to honestly encourage you to find out for yourself. Yes. Yourself. There is a segment of people crying out that we shouldn’t believe the “media” about what is being said about the President. Yet, those are people who are full of fear over Muslims in America without having had a conversation with a Muslim. They will believe their “media.”

There is a segment of society just afraid. Full of anxiety. They don’t know WHAT to believe. And I’m only talking about believers in this society. Followers of Christ. Everyone else has those feelings, but I can’t address that right now.

What I want to address is the needless fear we have as believers in America. Needless because the admonition of Scripture is constantly this: fear not. 

What we know more, we fear less.

So, I invite you to get to actually know a Muslim. Rural areas have Muslims. Urban areas have Muslims. If you have small factories in rural areas near you, chances are you probably have Muslims. If you don’t… you need to pray more. 🙂

But if you do, please accept my invitation. Find out what I’ve known for years. It doesn’t mean we’re free of security issues. That is not my point at all. My point is that we don’t know … so we fear.

The less we know, the more we fear.

If you live in the Twin Cities and want to know what happened when I went to mosque, contact me. We’ll go together.

Friends, let us rise up and do better. Let us walk in perfect love that casts out fear.




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