Finding our way home

As I read through my list of “ancient wells” (familiar passages where I draw deep, spiritual water), this time around I find a new theme. I am only a few passages in, so that will develop, but the theme is powerful. 

In 2 Cor. 5 Paul calls us to the ministry of reconciliation.

In Gal. 6 he calls us to the ministry of restoration.

In both cases, the theme is similar: Always find a way to bring people “home.”

We are in a time and culture of division. We splinter into tiny factions to find support for our echo chambers. And then we think that’s how the world really works.

Resist that temptation. Don’t look for ways to further divide and splinter. Don’t look for ways to “unify” people around political policy. That isn’t “unity.” It’s conformity.

The unity is Christ. And Christ is home. Find ways to bring people home.

Our greatest call isn’t to “unite” all Americans. Our greatest call is to help people find home. It is through reconciliation and restoration. And only Christ can empower us in this task.


One thought on “Finding our way home

  1. And a good practical way to do it is to bring people home literally. Invite all kinds of people to your home, if possible. Get to know someone who doesn’t look like you or think like you.

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